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Art Outside Augmented Mural

by aaron on November 2, 2010

Gabe Shaughnessy, my studio mate, and I (Studio 1) created this interpretive mural during Art Outside 2010 in Austin, Texas. The interactive mural was hand painted by Gabe using black and white paint in a paint sprayer. At night, digital projectors illuminated the mural, and Gabe continued painting with projected light. Meanwhile I captured time-lapse photos of the event, depicting the M-T-Pockets Midway, The Fleeble Flobbler, aerialist troupe Ricochet, the folk stage in the forest, and the Moon and trees. My photos became the animated content in the mural, carefully layered and collaged with the hand-painted and digitally illustrated elements. The sound track to this documentation video is by Beats Antique, you can find more of their gypsy-carnival-crunk music at The following videos are the individual time laps animations that were incorporated in to the mural. All the scenes were shot specifically for the different "stages" of the canvas. With the help a cherry picker lift (thank you Dallas) I was able to get just about any angle of view needed to match the perspective of Gabes illustration. This was a time laps I did of the sun set. Though It didn't actually make to mural we used it to sample our colors and create our palet Well we just had to incorporate this one in to the mural. This was one of those great lucky finds. There was a grasshopper slowly walking across a blank white canvas. Though you cant see in from the video one of the features of the mural was the grass hopper running across it. It looked really good. This is the best example of working to get just the right angle of view. You can see the three positions I shot to get it right. Again thanks to the cherry picker we were able to nail the shot. For the Folk Shit up Stage we need a looking through the wood typ of feel for the shot. So after a lot of positioning I found the perfect angle. It blended seamlessly in to the mural.

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