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car2go Calgary, Alberta

by aaron on May 15, 2012

After a quick weekend Shoot in Santa Monica I headed back to Canada to shoot my last market for car2go in Calgary, Alberta. Like Miami and Toronto I quickly immersed my self into the essence of the city. Though Calgary has been a city for over a century, it is in many ways a very new city. With the advent of new oil refining processes that unlocked the tar sands to the north the sudden influx of oil money has prompted a frenzy of new construction. This construction has replaced the city of old. Calgary has glimpses of the wild west era tucked away if you look closely, but at a quick glance it's almost all glass and steel. With the extreme changes in the whether it's also a city that has two distinct modes of operation. All of the buildings downtown town are connected with enclosed suspended walkways that are 15 feet above the ground, hence their name, +15's. Because it is such a cold city it was important to tell this story even though there was no snow. Though Calgary was the smallest of all the markets it's personality and ruggedness made it the city with the most heart.

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