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Car2go Denver

by aaron on October 14, 2013

Denver was the first market that I was commissioned to shoot for car2go in 2013. Though I have flown through countless times this would be the first time it was ever a destination for me and what a destination it was. The first night I had 2 beers with my local contractors and boy did it hit me hard. Besides being a cheap date the altitude didn't slow me down a bit. Denver, like most other markets was a challenge and pleasure to shoot. The history of the city was still evident even in its modern state. Denver sits at a convergence of crossroads both physically and culturally. After crawling around the city for days on end it became clear to me that this has been and always will be at the core of Denver. With the timeless mountain in the distance and plains to the east it is not hard to imagine cars being replaced with stagecoaches pulled by horses a century ago. Denver, like most major cities, has all the major parts that any big city should have but unlike many cities it has a grit and quality of character that comes from hard-earned experience and long a lasting endurance that you can only find in the wild west of the United States.

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