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car2go Miami, Florida

by aaron on May 1, 2012

About a month after submitting my pictures of car2go in Portland I was asked if I could shoot three markets in less than a month. With a big smile on my face I accepted the challenge and got my self ready for a month on the road. The first stop was Miami. Upon arriving at MIA I was greeted by a torrential down poor. My heart sank as I looked out the window realizing that it would be impossible to produce images in this weather. And the forecast called for more of the same over the course of the shoot. Fortunately the weather man is never right and by the next day the clouds broke up and the rain stopped. I spent the few days crawling all around Miami and getting to know the city form an insider's perspective. Far and away my favorite part of town was the Wynwood walls covered with the most amazing graffiti/ art I have ever seen. Every wall in the district has been made available for the best graffiti artists from around the world to come and leave their mark. Let me tell you it was inspiring. My art director had to cut our selfs off after only a short bit knowing that we would spend a whole day shooting the murals if we had our own way.

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