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car2go PDX

by aaron on March 16, 2012

Last month car2go hired me to create a set of images that tell the story of car2go's arrival in Portland but also describe the way that the new car sharing service perfectly integrates with the ideals and values of our city. Despite the restraints of uncooperative weather we worked tirelessly to produce every image I had precomposed in my mind. I feel that I have created a set of solid images that brand the car2go Smart car with iconic locations across Portland. I'm excited to work with car2go because of their froward thinking approach to urban design and sustainability. It's a way of thinking which is aligned with my values. car2go is a car sharing service in which you can rent any available car in your area for.35 cents a minute. You simply check it out, drive it and park it any where with in the operating area. You don't have to pay for gas, parking, or insurance. Just .35 cents a minute. With more flexible options like this I feel it will be easy for us to give up our personal cars. Learn more about it at the Portland car2go site.

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