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car2go Seattle

by aaron on January 29, 2013

When I first heard that Seattle was an up coming market I got really excited. Finally a place as close to home as one could get. Like Portland Seattle is a community perfectly suited for car2go.Though I have been to Seattle many times I never got an accurate sense of the physical enormity of the city. It was challenge to tell the story of car2go across all the neighborhoods and local hot spots but with the help of my good friend and local photographer Daniel Zetterstrom we managed to get it done. If you look closely you will see him driving in a few of the images. Before I left my five-year old daughter challenged me to get picture of a car2go and a Orca (her favorite animal in the whole wide world) that would make the final cut. Now this was a challenge but once again I managed to rise to the occasion. luckily I was able to naturally combine the elements of car2go and orca. The picture tells the story of the car in Seattle surrounded by a community of pedestrians who supports and uses car2go. I suppose this image is a perfect example of what makes seattle unique. It's a city that embraces modern growth while also staying well-connected to its Pacific North West's port city heritage. --

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