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Lightening in a Bottle Promotional Time-Lapse Video

by aaron on February 11, 2013

Last spring the Do Lab hired me to produce a promotional video of their Lightening in a Bottle festival. Since seeing their work for the first time at Burning Man I have always had a profound amount of respect for all of the Do Lab's creations. It was an honer to be invited to come to join the crew of the festival and, in their words, "Just do what I do. This was my chance to create a stunning piece of work that would match the creative energy of the Do Lab. I have learned that my work is entirely dependent on my ability to connect with my subject and when I get connect with the best my work is at it's best. This was one of those moments. So I decided that it would be a good time to invest in to a motion control rig for my time-lapse photography. With my new investment I would be able to move my camera position through space over time. It arrived almost exactly one month before the festival but the very next day I was embarking on a full month of travel that included jobs in Miami, Toronto, MT Shasta, Santa Monica, Calgary and then concluding with LIB. The fist time I got to play with my new equipment was after I finally arrived on site at the festival. I quickly discovered that there was no manual included.This proved to be very frustrating as the unit I bought was not intuitive in any way, shape, or form. After a lot of frustration I got it working well enough for the start of the festival. Once the festival was under way I went into overdrive knowing that I only had one shot to get it all. I was constantly crisscrossing the festival while lugging 3 tripods on a 6 foot rail with a fully loaded camera pack on my back. I only stopped for meals and a few hours of sleep each night if any. I used the fear of failure to push me to the limits of my creative and physical capacities. From time to time I would catch a nap under my tripod as my camera was clicking away. I was everywhere kicking ass the whole time through. I am proud of the results and I am excited to share this labor of love with the world.

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