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Red Bull Creation, 2013, Brooklyn, NY

by aaron on October 18, 2013

The event was called Red Bull Creation and though it's not your typical high energy Red Bull event I knew that there was going to be enough dangerous situations, animated characters and sparks for me to make it my own and run with it. I was the sole photographer of a 72 hour build-a-thon where six teams of some of the most talented makers and hackers from across the United States compete to create a new invention based on the theme which is announced at the start of the 72 hours. The theme this year was to create a new musical instrument. The event was kicked off at a rooftop bar in Williamsburg and concluded at the Red Bull recording studio in Manhattan where they brought in an indy band to record two tracks with the newly invented instrument. It was critically important that I nail this shoot on for many reasons. First, this event was thought up and produced by my good friends Jason Naumoff and AJ White from New Creatures. This was their baby and I wanted to make it look like any good Red Bull event should look, F****** bad ass, which had not been accomplished in earlier years. It was also critical that I impress the Red Bull east coast business market to secure future work on the NYC and other major cities on the east coast. The most difficult aspect was the duration of the event. Being that it was a continuous 72 hour event I didn't get much sleep for fear that I was going to miss something, anything. So I would shoot all day, start editing at midnight, and get to bed by about 5am only to be back on site by about 9am. I was exhausted by the end of it but that's what it takes to compete in a market like NYC.... all with a great attitude to boot. Needless to say I hit my marks on all fronts despite the marathon conditions. To see more images from this event visit the Red Bull Content Pool.

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