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SXSW 2013

by aaron on April 4, 2013

"I can guarantee you that you will find work if you buy a plane ticket and find your self at SXSW ." My close friend John Taylor (aka: Parts Department) said to me as I dropped him off at the airport. His words burrowed into my head and festered like a worm trapped in a 6 year olds science experiment. Later that day Gabe (my studio mate and close friend) came striding into the studio all ready to buy his plane ticket for Austin. It didn't take much to convince me that going to SXSW would be a good investment for my future. So I bought my plane ticket that very day knowing that the work will come. The next morning I sent out emails to everyone I knew who could use my services at SXSW. The first gig I landed was to photograph and document an interactive sculpture called, The Pool by Jen Lewin.Below are both still images and a simple time-lapse video I produced to document it's installation at SXSW. The next gig I managed to land was to document the Doritos Bold stage for the events producer, Jason Naumoff and his partners at New Creatures. Gabe knew some one from the special projects division at SXSW sent an email introducing me. Like clockwork I was able to land a gig to be an official SXSW photographer which gave me critical access to the whole event. So I set off for Austin with 3 jobs lined up and a platinum badge waiting for my arrival. Once I hit the ground I went to work. SXSW is a huge event and it took me a bit to get my barring. In the beginning I felt a bit of pressure having so many obligations to lots of different people. Fortunately because I was shooting for SXSW all my jobs overlapped gave me comfort because I knew that as long as I was taking pictures I was doing a good job. On Monday I was asked by SXSW to photograph Jen Lewin's installation after having already shot it earlier in the evening. So I was able to send the images over right away and as a result my photograph landed on SXSW's homepage the next day. It was a win win win, for SXSW, Jen, and my self. After that I knew that I had made the right decision in committing to go. The following images are arranged in to three sections. The first grouping of images were produced exclusively for SXSW. The second group of images are stills from The Pool and the last set of images are from the Bold Stage. In the end I was a great investment into my future. I got to work with amazing people who I have never had the chance to work with and in the end I know I made an impression that will serve me well in the long run.

The Pool, an interactive installation at SXSW 2013 from aaron rogosin on Vimeo.

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