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The Oregon Gran Fondo, 2014

by aaron on June 2, 2014

Over the last 2 years I have put a lot of time in on my bike but the vast majority of the miles have been ridden solo. So when I heard about the Oregon Gran Fondo, a 117 mile race with 5700 feet of elevation, I got really excited. I figured this would be the perfect event to cut my teeth on the competitive side of biking and it was about time for me to measure myself against others. So I registered but I decided to do it on my terms, which meant riding it with a camera slung over my shoulder. Knowing I most likely was not going to be a top competitor my goal was to get a respectable time (given this was my first "race" and I was riding a cross bike) and to create a unique set of images taken on the course. I wanted to the story of the competitors from the perspective of a competitor. I understood that if I wanted to create compelling pictures then I would have to keep up with compelling athletes. Although I never saw the lead group I was able to keep pace with a fast group of riders for a long while. I completed the course in 6:19:51 and came in 12th for my age group. So I would say, "Mission accomplished!". Below are the set of images I took while on the course.

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