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The Universe Revolves Around You, Burning Man 2012

by aaron on January 31, 2013

Towards the end of August 2012 my schedule unexpectedly cleared for the week of Burning Man. So I began to look for ways to not to only go but also to participate. Shortly after stating my intentions I was introduced to Zach Coffin. After a few exchanges Zack invited me to down and join his camp in exchange for helping him document his sculpture called The Universe Revolves Around You. So off I went. Once the sculpture was up and running I set right to work documenting it through time-lapse photography. Good thing I did because in less than 24 hours after becoming operational the sculpture was derailed by a mob of overly enthusiastic burners. From that moment on the sculpture fell into burning typical burning man legend. Does it spin or not? This became the ongoing theme throughout the rest of the burn. It was fun to encouraging people to try to move a 80,000 pound derailed sculpture. "You need more people!" I would shout, knowing it was of no use. It was fun to watch. Regardless of the legend this video show the sculpture in all its glory both before and after it's derailment. Special Thanks to Beats Antique and ill.Gates for the use their music. Follow this link to get the track featured in this video: Note: I am currently producing a larger Time-lapse video that showcases all of Burning Man 2012. It's in the works so be sure to subscribe to my Vimeo and Youtube channels!

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