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Twenty Four, Fifty – 4,250 Still Images from Lightning in a Bottle, 2011

by aaron on June 21, 2011

I knew it was going to be good ride because my moustache was symmetrical with killer wig-wags that pointed straight out to the sides. To be honest I really didn't know too much about Lightening in a Bottle as I set out from Portland. Gabe had told me it was defiantly one of the best festivals and the LIB crew was solid through and through. Obviously so, since they invited me down to LA to "do what you do" because a good friend vouched for me. So I went. Once I got on the grounds I found Gabes descriptions to be dead on. As the festival began I couldn't help notice density of pro lenses climbing all over each other to get the same shot. Though I know they were getting amazing shots I decided to look in other directions. So my first choice was to focus my sights on time-lapse photography. Throughout the weekend I shot over 12,000 images of both stills and time-lapse. (You can see my still gallery here.) After it was all done and over I edited this time-lapse's down to 4,250 images then paired it with Super Tall Pauls cover of Crazy. In short; I went to Lightning in a Bottle as a open book ready to be filled. I found LIB to be an amazing place filled with amazing people and I am honored to have been one of them. Disclaimer: I'm not claiming to be amazing.

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