Red Bull Thre3style, Fez Ballroom, Portland Or

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Red Bull Thre3style is a life style event that pits 8 DJ’s against each other to come up with the best beats. The event was judged by their piers in the form of three well established DJ’s. January 21st 2012, Fez Ballroom, Portland Oregon.

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Twenty Four, Fifty – 4,250 Still Images from Lightning in a Bottle, 2011

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I knew it was going to be good ride because my moustache was symmetrical with killer wig-wags that pointed straight out to the sides. To be honest I really didn’t know too much about Lightening in a Bottle as I set out from Portland. Gabe had told me it was defiantly one of the best […]

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Still Images From Lightning in a Bottle

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Now when a friend says, “Go do what you do……., and dont worry I vouched for you.” and you do a lot of different things, you start to worry about doing it wrong. Not that I was worried about doing anything wrong but when you are surrounded by legendary artistic talent your self imposed standards […]

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tEEth Performance – Home Made

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tEEth is a dance company that rents the studio next to mine at Zoomtopia. They are an award winning contemporary dance group who have built a reputation for cutting edge performances that push the boundaries of modern dance through the exploration of the intense emotions that are expressed within longterm relationships. When I was asked […]

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Tyler Hansen’s™ Surprise Party

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     When it comes to photography in my personal life I have specific rules of engagement. The 1st and most important is that I carry my cameras everywhere I go and I try like hell not to use them. I reserve my cameras for the moments in which the most authentic way for me to […]

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The Life of the Fly

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Last spring I was discussing fly fishing with Adam MacNamara (owner of Castaway Guide Service) and I said,” You know what would be really cool? A  photo essay on the life of a fly.” He agreed and told me he would pitch it to his friend who is the editor at Flyfishing and Tying Journal. […]

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Art Outside Augmented Mural

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Gabe Shaughnessy, my studio mate, and I (Studio 1) created this interpretive mural during Art Outside 2010 in Austin, Texas. The interactive mural was hand painted by Gabe using black and white paint in a paint sprayer. At night, digital projectors illuminated the mural, and Gabe continued painting with projected light. Meanwhile I captured time-lapse […]

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Burning Man 2010 Metropolis

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Burning Man 2010, Metropolis, is the start of my second decade at Black Rock City. After going 10 years with out a break I took last year off. To be honest I wasn’t planning of going this year but I had an opportunity to work while I was there and who could say no to […]

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PDX Bridge Festival 2010

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These images are of the first annual PDX Bridge Festival! As the official photographer it is my mission to get the kick ass shots that this event deserves. I will be updating this gallery throughout the festival so keep checking back. Now I know I wont be able to cover it all so I created […]

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EnviroMedia Portland Office Tour

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This April, the Austin based agency, EnviroMedia, hired me to create the second half of a stop motion tour that showcased their new Portland office. It was a fun assignment but had it’s own unique challenges. EnviroMedia is an ad agency that focuses on environmental and public health marketing so it was important the show […]

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Heppner Photography Workshop

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Last weekend I taught my first photography workshop. I have been wanting to share my approach to photography for some time now and let me tell you it went great. I spent the weekend out in Heppner Oregon conducting classes, critiques, and applying the knowledge in the field. Though I was there mainly to teach […]

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New York City Compressed Panoramas

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These images were taken while on my last trip to New York City. Though I only had four days in the city I was able to capitalize on every moment. As a result of my efforts I was in position for every sunrise and was able to leave New York with twelve stunning compositions. I […]

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A new printing process that exceeds my standards

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I have just received my first image printed directly on aluminum. I am so stoked. The process is unique and gives the images a luminescent quality. As I gaze in to the print I realize that this is a dream come true for me, a printing process that is shows every detail my photographs have […]

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Welcome to Aaron Rogosin’s Professional Photography Portfolio.

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