Red Bull DC Murals, Washington DC

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Lightening in a Bottle Promotional Time-Lapse Video

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Last spring the Do Lab hired me to produce a promotional video of their Lightening in a Bottle festival. Since seeing their work for the first time at Burning Man I have always had a profound amount of respect for all of the Do Lab’s creations. It was an honer to be invited to come […]

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The Universe Revolves Around You, Burning Man 2012

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Towards the end of August 2012 my schedule unexpectedly cleared for the week of Burning Man. So I began to look for ways to not to only go but also to participate. Shortly after stating my intentions I was introduced to Zach Coffin. After a few exchanges Zack invited me to down and join his […]

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Wanderlust Time-Lapse Promotional Video

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“How do you capture the essence of Wanderlust in a short video clip? You probably can’t, but this beautiful time lapse video, lovingly (and painstakingly) photographed over tens of thousands of frames by Aaron Rogosin at this year’s Wanderlust California, comes close. Catch a glimpse of what the Wanderlust experience is all about. Warning: this […]

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Twenty Four, Fifty – 4,250 Still Images from Lightning in a Bottle, 2011

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I knew it was going to be good ride because my moustache was symmetrical with killer wig-wags that pointed straight out to the sides. To be honest I really didn’t know too much about Lightening in a Bottle as I set out from Portland. Gabe had told me it was defiantly one of the best […]

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Art Outside Augmented Mural

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Gabe Shaughnessy, my studio mate, and I (Studio 1) created this interpretive mural during Art Outside 2010 in Austin, Texas. The interactive mural was hand painted by Gabe using black and white paint in a paint sprayer. At night, digital projectors illuminated the mural, and Gabe continued painting with projected light. Meanwhile I captured time-lapse […]

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EnviroMedia Portland Office Tour

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This April, the Austin based agency, EnviroMedia, hired me to create the second half of a stop motion tour that showcased their new Portland office. It was a fun assignment but had it’s own unique challenges. EnviroMedia is an ad agency that focuses on environmental and public health marketing so it was important the show […]

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West Meets East

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West Meets East is a inter-media performance that combines digital projection, photography, and black and white paint. Both analog and digital mediums combine on one plain to create a unique interaction between old and new. This performance was inspired by a week long trip to Kyoto Japan and surrounding areas. It was captured through the […]

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We examine each day before us with barely a glance and say, no, this isn’t the one I’ve been looking for, and wait in a bored sort of way for the next, when, we are convinced, our lives will start for real. It is time to disconnect from the disconnect. It is up to each […]

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