North American Cities

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Below is a collection images from around the world in various stages of development using my panoramic process.

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A new insight

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Over the last few months I have been studying the Portland skyline’s sunrise and sets through a new panoramic process I have been developing. I am working hard to develop the process and discover new locations from which to view the city. Check back often to see the latest additions to the gallery.

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New York City Compressed Panoramas

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These images were taken while on my last trip to New York City. Though I only had four days in the city I was able to capitalize on every moment. As a result of my efforts I was in position for every sunrise and was able to leave New York with twelve stunning compositions. I […]

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Fremont Bridge Multi Elevation Photographic Sculpture

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I have been working on this 6’x3′ photographic sculpture for a little less then a year. Most of the time was spent tring to capeture the final image. It’s a very hard sculpture to illustrate through photographic means so let me describe it. .  The project started when Michael Rohwer  was designing his office he had […]

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