Outer Elements Europe Tour 2016

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car2go Calgary, Alberta

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After a quick weekend Shoot in Santa Monica I headed back to Canada to shoot my last market for car2go in Calgary, Alberta. Like Miami and Toronto I quickly immersed my self into the essence of the city. Though Calgary has been a city for over a century, it is in many ways a very […]

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car2go Toronto, Ontario

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Next stop on my North American car2go tour was Toronto, Ontario. There was no rain to greet me which was a big relief. Like Miami I got to crawl all around Toronto getting to know it from the inside out and let me tell you Toronto is quite a city to behold. It is a […]

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car2go Miami, Florida

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About a month after submitting my pictures of car2go in Portland I was asked if I could shoot three markets in less than a month. With a big smile on my face I accepted the challenge and got my self ready for a month on the road. The first stop was Miami. Upon arriving at […]

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New York Observations

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Although my main mission while in New York was to scout out and shoot panoramic locations I couldn’t help to take some quick shots while walking form location to location.

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Zion-Escalate Bike Tour

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Last fall Gabe, Micky, Adam and I all meet up to tour our bikes through southern Utah. Our route took us up through Zion national park and on to Escalate. Along the way we climbed long steep uphill grades, rode along a hogs back and hit some seriously steep downhill. All with my camera in […]

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Kyoto Japan, January 2009

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In January of 2009 Gabe, Jack, Natalie and I set out for Kyoto Japan. We were sent by Carole Zoom to experience Japan and bring back material for a live mural performance for Februarys First Friday.

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