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Fremont Bridge Multi Elevation Photographic Sculpture

by aaron on August 18, 2009

I have been working on this 6'x3' photographic sculpture for a little less then a year. Most of the time was spent tring to capeture the final image. It's a very hard sculpture to illustrate through photographic means so let me describe it. .  The project started when Michael Rohwer  was designing his office he had rounded one corner's creating a space for just the right peice of art.  So one day at a family function Dr. Rahwer told me about this corner and asked if I had any idaes. "Allways!" was my responce. After looking at the curved wall I gave him  4 proposals to ponder. After pondering all the options he commishioned the 4th project, a panoramic milti elevation photographic sculpture of one of the Portland bridges, and so it began. I quickly settled on the Fremont bridge. I then set out on foot to find the shot. I explored all the surrounding areas of the bridge and in the end I found the perfect peerch. I photographed the sceen from that perch over the corse of 9 months,waiting for the dying leaves to fall and return green and youthfull. In the final image you see the moment just before to leaves returned. I chose this image because it was clear to see all crisp detail through the trees created by the sheen of a fresh rain. The piece is made of two curved layers that join at the ends. It is hard to describe photographically but this is my attempt. It is a piece that must be experienced first hand. When the viewer shifts his or her viewing position the relationships between the foreground, bridge, and sky layers shift. This allows for an infinite combination of compositions. The piece measures 3'x6'. Pretty Cool.

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