Event Documentation Portfolio for SXSW

by aaron on February 18, 2005

The following still images have been selected to showcase my ability to capture the energy and emotion of many different types of events across a variety of subjects. Whether it be sporting events, environmental portraiture, studio work, or commercial photography my strength lies in being able to tell the story of my subjects through dynamic and visually arresting images. I created this gallery to appeal to the widest possible audience that could potentially have a need for my services at SXSW. This is a promotional video I photographed and edited for a festival called Lightening in a Bottle, produced by The DoLab. I produced this video to create a lasting document that would tell the story of Zachary Coffin's large kinetic installation at Burning Man 2012. Here it was important to show the  interactivity  and engagement that the sculpture draws from is participants. Again using time-lapse photography I was able to the story in a fresh and visually unique way. This is one more example of promotional video I created for a yoga festival called Wanderlust in Squaw Valley.

Time-Lapse Video of Wanderlust 2011 from aaron rogosin on Vimeo.

This last video was produced by the ad agency EnviroMedia to showcase all the services that they provide for car2go. My still images and time-lapse photography are showcased through out the entire reel though I have  edited it down to concentrate the incorporation of my content. The local photography section is all my work.

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