Wanderlust Time-Lapse Preview

by aaron on August 16, 2008

Overview The above video is an inclusive presentation intended to showcase the majority of time-lapse content I produced at Wanderlust. The only consideration given to the narrative structure is represented in the gondola rides up and down in the beginning, middle, and end. Visual Treatment The visual treatment and image processing is in a preliminary state and does not reflect the quality of the intended final product. I plan to apply a cropped panning affect to specific scenes including the pool party time-lapse. Still Images The still images were included to remind the viewer that I have a vast resource of powerful images that can be incorporated into the finished work. The flash of images at the end was used intentionally as a way to recap the events and to build excitement for what's to come in wanderlust 2012. Music The music used in this cut (Maybe Tomorrow, by Pretty Lights) is used primarily as a utility to show the importance of the sound track. The music chosen for the final version will be the key to setting the visual tone. Once the right piece of music is chosen then all of the visual accompaniment will fall into place. Video Length I imagine the final video being around 2-2.5 minutes long which will allow me to really condense and refine the richness of the content presented here. I hope this explanation along with the video helps you to imagine the potential of a finished version. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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