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Wedding Portfolio

by aaron on November 4, 2007

Let me start this post by saying I do not consider my self to be a wedding photographer. What I mean is that because of the diversity of the subject matter I shoot professionally I bring more the plate then just the average wedding photographer, who in many cases have a refined formula for shooting weddings and apply it day in and day out. Not to take any thing away from traditional professional wedding photographers but when you hire me you get something very different. For me shooting a wedding is not just about producing quality images but it's also about the experience that the bride, groom, and families have working with me. I approach my wedding shoots like I do every other project, with high energy and a determination to connect with the authenticity of the moment. I'm much more interested in capturing images that reflect the moments of the day as they unfold naturally and I never let my "formula" or expectations dictate the outcome of the images. It is alway my goal to add to everyones experience, not take away. The following images are all reflections of this positive work ethic.

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